Knockengorroch Festival

Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th May 2024

Knockengorroch in Kirkcudbrightshire

No age restrictions

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About Knockengorroch Festival 2024

Knockengorroch Festival is the seminal outdoor roots music festival in Scotland. Located deep in the Southern Uplands in a river valley on Knockengorroch farm, the area was recently awarded Dark Skies status - one of the best places on the planet to see the stars... and see the stars you will...

The musical line-up is a melting pot of world, folk, fusion and dub reggae with electronica, hip-hop and drum n bass thrown in for good measure - both live and DJed.

As well as music, cabaret, spoken word, comedy and dance all take place across five venues, from the mighty open air stage, turf roofed and built from locally sourced timber, to a Berber tent, to the Celtic Longhouse venue, a willow wattled re-creation of an iron age dwelling.  

There is a sauna, dedicated children's activities, workshops in arts, crafts, heritage and environmental subjects, fire shows, flash mobs, real ales, 'knocktails' and food stalls.  Knockengorroch even has its own ale the 'Knock Ale' and its own chocolate 'chocengorroch'. 

The Knockengorroch Festival site was a populated village in ancient times and the festival re-populates the valley for the four days of the event.  The festival's motif of a highland cow is a reminder of the ancient beasts that the people in times gone depended on and worshipped.

Run by a family who either live or grew up at Knockengorroch, and presided over by the family's cows who witness the festival fun from the safe confines of the opposite river bank. Knockengorroch Festival is set to be a whole world unto itself and one you may not want to leave.


Music genres: Breaks, Folk, Alternative, World Music, Afrobeat

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