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July 2020 (To be confirmed)

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Travel to/from Big Family Festival

Big Family Festival is held at Dunton Hall in Sutton-Coldfield.

Disabled Access Information

We are committed to making Big Family Festival as accessible as possible and great efforts are being been made to achieve this where reasonable.

There are of course still fields and areas where mobility can be difficult.  We have spaces to chill out and get away from it all as well for those who need this.

However,Big Family Festival is an outdoor festival utilising fields and farmland that could pose problems, particularly in wet weather for mobility, and large volumes of people and noise for those with learning difficulties. With a little help here and there though we feel that it is definitely manageable and we provide a 2 for 1 pass for Personal Assistants to this end for those who may find they have physical and mental challenges across the weekend.

Please read the following information very carefully.


In our commitment to make Big Family Festival accessible to everyone, we may provide Deaf or disabled ticket holders that would be unable to attend without use of a personal assistant (PA), and are in receipt of one, or more of the following with a ticket at no additional cost for one PA:

•    Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
•    Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
•    Evidence of being severely sight impaired
•    CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement
•    A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.


• Please email


The ONE FREE pass will be collected at BFF when you present your matching ID upon arrival and are with your personal assistant, no exceptions.  It is not sent to you in advance.

• The deadline for PA Applications is Friday 19th July 2019.  Information for your arrival will be sent after this date.


To apply for the campsite, you must have submitted a successful application for a PA pass.

The Disability Access Camping Area is only available to those with a PA pass.

An application email will be sent to those who have successfully applied and have shown they have purchased tickets.  You will need a booking reference for the application.

Spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis and applications of the Campsite will close as soon as the campsite reaches its maximum availability.  Do not delay your application if you qualify and need to camp here.

The Disability is the best location we can achieve for all of the needs of people we try to accommodate.

Please note that you should prepare to bring a tent that will fit in 5m x 3m space.

NB: Your family and friends can camp with you in the Accessibility camping area but your group including the person with a disability, a personal assistant and children can be a maximum of 6 people. Other people with disabilities who are your friends and family should apply separately.


Parking is payable by an advanced ticket, or upon arrival but to use the disability access car park, you will also need a Blue Badge.  These spaces will be given to those who have Blue Badges only.


Getting Around

Electric wheelchairs can tackle most areas without too much hindrance but the ground can be quite uneven in places and is predominantly on grass. If it rains it may get muddy and access around the site (other than on the paths) may be very difficult. The terrain is predominantly short grass with firm soil so movement around the main arena and other stages is possible for fit wheelchair users in good weather.  Your personal assistant will need to assist you if it becomes difficult, which is why they receive a free pass to the festival.

Chilling out

We recognise that some, particularly those with specific learning difficulties may need to find a space to step away from the crowds and noise.  We do our best to provide this but it is difficult in a festival environment but we do our best.

Patrons are advised that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.


Everyone needs to buy a parking ticket for their vehicle.  Only Blue Badge holders, or those in the disability access campsite will be able to use the disability access car park.

Only vehicles with a blue badge (or similar) can park in the disability access camping area if there is available space and if your tent and car fit in the 5m x 3m space.

If not, you will be asked to park in the nearby car park.  Only one vehicle is allowed in the camping .

A car park for day visiting persons with a blue badge is close by and accessible throughout the weekend. Friends will have to park in the main car park, however.

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