Rural Life Centre Tilford Surrey


Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th August 2024

Rural Life Centre Tilford Surrey in Farnham

No age restrictions

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About Weyfest 2024

Imagine, a music festival without mud.

Where people open gates for you, say “excuse me” and move aside to let you to the bar. The tantalising aromas of great food mix with the nostalgic smell of steam from the resident railway, conjuring up memories of a bygone industrial age.

Where both young and old come to share new music experiences, together.

Where the sound of live music is everywhere whilst you wander through a fascinating museum dedicated to life in Rural England.

And where fans laugh, smile and nod to each other with a familiarity gained only from their mutual annual pilgrimage.

Sound too good? Not so. That’s Weyfest.


Weyfest is more like a mini-holiday than a music festival. It is a stress-free weekend in the country, with over 30 hours of the finest music from 4 stages, camping, posh loos, friendly staff and plenty to occupy the kids with music-, drama- and creative arts workshops; train rides; the popular Sci-Fi Zone and Outdoor Laser Combat and the many attractions offered by the venue itself - The Rural Life Museum, Tilford, set in the outstanding natural beauty of the Surrey Hills.

You can stretch out your picnic rugs or wander around the site to the 4 stages with your camping chairs. Sit and watch your favourite band or discover new artists from the eclectic mix on offer, or just find a quiet spot to watch the world go by.

The festival attracts new people every year - many of whom have not been to a festival for years for fear of mud and rude or drunken behaviour (there's none of that here!) and many who have never even been to a music festival before! Most have made new friends and now return each year for a reunion.

The venue itself is a major reason for Weyfest’s increasing popularity. The Rural Life Museum is a working museum, littered with artefacts of past country life and craft displays throughout the venue. A working light railway runs both steam and diesel trains around the perimeter of the venue and because the venue is so compact everything is within easy reach. No trudging for miles from the car park or campsite, no long walks between stages ... and no major journey to reach the excellent food and bars.

Once bitten you will truly be smitten!!!


Disabled access information


Are there any concessions for the disabled?

A. We assume that, whereas the disabled person wants to come to Weyfest, the carer may not and so, on the production of proof of disability at the box office on arrival, the carer will be entitled to purchase a carer ticket at half of the gate price. This is limited to one carer for disabled persons over the age of 16 for festival entry only and does not include camping or campervan passes. Where it is imperative that a second carer is necessary to accompany the disabled person, documentation to that effect must be presented to the Box Office staff on arrival. All discount carer passes are sold at the discretion of the Box Office staff following receipt of an acceptable form of proof of disability.


Acceptable forms of proof of disability are:

  • Eligibility for Middle or Higher rate DLA (for care or mobility) or
  • Receipt of enhanced rate PIP.
  • A disabled parking badge, disabled railcard or any concession other than those listed above is not valid.


Are there any disabled parking and disabled camping facilities?

For those that are not camping there is a disabled parking area adjacent to the festival entrance. On arrival please let the stewards know that you are disabled and they will direct you to the parking area. If you are camping, there is a separate disabled parking and camping area adjacent to the exit of the campsite. There are also disabled toilets in this area.


How accessible is the site for the disabled?

Almost all the site has good disabled access including the arboretum. Disabled toilet facilities are available for the festival and disabled campers will be situated close to disabled toilets on the campsite.


Is there a separate viewing area for the disabled?

There are raised viewing areas for the disabled at the main stage locations.

Music genres: Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul, Reggae

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Does Weyfest have any age restrictions?


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Are there any concessions for the disabled at Weyfest?


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What time can I arrive at/leave the camp site at Weyfest?


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How do I get to Weyfest?


Are there any disabled parking and disabled camping facilities at Weyfest?


Are there tickets available for Weyfest on the gate?


Is a camping pass required for each camper at Weyfest?


Can I bring my own food and drink into Weyfest?


Are there any parking facilities at Weyfest?


How accessible is the Weyfest site for the disabled?


Do you need a ticket for an Under 10 year-old at Weyfest?


Is it OK if I want to camp for just one night at Weyfest?


Are there any other restrictions on what I can bring into Weyfest?


Is there a separate viewing area for the disabled at Weyfest?


I have lost my Weyfest tickets. Can you replace them?


Can I leave my car in the car park if I leave site?


Are there toilet facilities (including disabled facilities), showers and water supplies on the camp site at Weyfest??


Is there a bicycle rack on site that I can store my bicycle in?


Are there any electrical hook-ups on the campsite at Weyfest?


Is smoking permitted at Weyfest?


Can I park my car next to my tent or caravan at Weyfest?


Can I bring my dog to Weyfest?


Can I sleep in my van / car at Weyfest?


I've had a bad experience at other festivals with insufficient or unclean toilets. Are your facilities any better?


What campervan pitch size should I buy for Weyfest?


Is there a cash machine on site so I can withdraw cash?


Can I put a tent next to my friend's caravan/campervan?


Will the steam and diesel trains be running over the weekend?


Can I have a barbeque or fire at the camp site at Weyfest?


I can't find the answer to my query. Who do I contact?


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