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Baby Shakes at 100 Club

Baby Shakes

  • 100 Club London
  • Friday 19th July
  • New York City based, rock n’ roll-punk upstarts, Baby Shakes, head to 100 Club on Friday 19th July...
    The Brit Funk Association  at 100 Club

    The Brit Funk Association

    • 100 Club London
    • Saturday 20th July
    • AGMP presents The Brit Funk Association featuring Beggar & Co, Hi-Tension, Central Line & more
      The Long Ryders at Hare And Hounds

      The Long Ryders

      • Hare And Hounds Birmingham
      • Saturday 20th July
      • DHP presents The Long Ryders at Hare & Hounds on Saturday July 20th.
        From The Jam -  at Alban Arena

        From The Jam -

        • This event has been postponed until 20th Apr 2020
        • Alban Arena St Albans
        • Sunday 21st July
        • AGMP present From The Jam 'All Mods Cons' tour plus special guests The Truth live in St Albans
          Easy Star All-Stars  at Assembly Hall

          Easy Star All-Stars

          • Assembly Hall London
          • Friday 26th July
          • Easy Star All-Stars playing 'Dub Side of the Moon'
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            • Big Country

              Next Playing At:
              Big Country (11th October)

              Big Country Big Country
            • Shalamar

              Next Playing At:
              Shalamar (1st November)

              Shalamar Shalamar
            • Bad Manners

              Next Playing At:
              Bad Manners (7th December)

              Bad Manners Bad Manners
            • The Selecter

              Next Playing At:
              The Selecter (23rd November)

              The Selecter The Selecter
            • Aswad

              Next Playing At:
              Aswad (12th October)

              Aswad Aswad
            • Dreadzone

              Next Playing At:
              Dreadzone (29th November)

              Dreadzone Dreadzone

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