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Cocoon Ibiza 20th Anniversary at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Cocoon Ibiza 20th Anniversary

  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel Eivissa
  • Friday 13th September
  • COCOON Ibiza party mammoth 20th anniversary celebration will be held in Ushuaïa Ibiza on Friday 13th September, as a one-off specil event
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    about Cocoon Ibiza

    In its 19th season in Ibiza, Cocoon comes to Pacha each Wednesday in 2018.


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    • Kraftwerk

      Next Playing At:
      Cocoon Ibiza 20th Anniversary (13th September)

      Kraftwerk Kraftwerk
    • Sven Vath

      Next Playing At:
      Cocoon Ibiza 20th Anniversary (13th September)

      Sven Vath Sven Vath

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