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the electric chair riot at Hidden

the electric chair riot

  • Hidden Manchester
  • Friday 27th December
  • an annual gathering of like minded souls...
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    about Electriks

    We began our journey on Saturday 3rd June 1995 in a dirty old basement in a dirty old rock club. It was downtown Mancunia, It was under the pavements. We loved crazy music and that feeling you get when the bassbins cause the whole building to shake and make you forget the world, 57 feet above that sweat dripping ceiling. There was a philosophy I guess... If you love something and believe it then you must fight for it and raise the flag and others will join you. So what started as a small ramshackle gathering of misfits and dark horses grew into a larger gathering for the late night disenfranchised. And that was it... The Unabombers started a basement club the Electric chair. A club became a fanzine. Electric Chair had a sister Homoelectric, for homos, hetros, lesbos, don't knows and experimento's. A fanzine became a series of illicit parties Electric Souls, in brothels, lofts and jaunts to hill top hotels. Unabombers made music, started a label and released 7 compilations, The Elektrons made an album and toured with a live band. Oh and we started a couple of weekly shindigs in a Chinese karoke bar and a burlesque club, namely Harter Street Lounge and Nish Nash Nosh... Electric Chair RIP Jan 2008... Out of the ashes rose the phoenix as we escaped those subterranean basements and put on a festival Electric Elephant faraway across the sea in the sunshine of Croatia.


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    • Horse Meat Disco

      Next Playing At:
      the electric chair riot (27th December)

      Horse Meat Disco Horse Meat Disco
    • Gerd Janson

      Next Playing At:
      the electric chair riot (27th December)

      Gerd Janson Gerd Janson
    • The Unabombers

      Next Playing At:
      the electric chair riot (27th December)

      The Unabombers The Unabombers
    • Luke Unabomber

      Next Playing At:
      the electric chair riot (27th December)

      Luke Unabomber Luke Unabomber
    • Severino

      Next Playing At:
      the electric chair riot (27th December)

      Severino Severino

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