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House of Chalk with Dave Jarvis at CHALK

House of Chalk with Dave Jarvis

  • CHALK Brighton
  • Friday 6th December
  • House of Chalk with Dave Jarvis. House of Go Bang evolves in to House of Chalk. New sound. New venue. Same vibe.
    WHP19 - Elrow Manchester at Depot (Mayfield)

    WHP19 - Elrow Manchester

    • Depot (Mayfield) Manchester
    • Saturday 14th December
    • The Warehouse Project & Elrow collaborate for what will be Elrow's biggest ever indoor festival this December!
      Popular Event: 2161 attending
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      about Elrow

      Elrow shines with the first sunlight. Achieving it's primary function of entertain and amuse, elrow fulfils these two objectives each and every time it's doors open, whether is at their spiritual home in Viladecans, it's summer residency at Space in Ibiza or the many different venues and festivals that have enjoyed it?s joyful exuberance and happiness that has become elrows signature. An experience where spectacle, music, color and happiness, essential elements of elrows DNA, get together to create that unique and involving experience that our clients get themselves into as soon as they cross the front door of any of our events, regardless of city, country, continent or time of the day! Thanks to all these components, elrow mutates, together with all it's public, into a great family that enjoys this experience up-close and personal, something only achieved thanks to an absolute connection between the show, the artists, performers and public alike. Fun and uninhibited entertainment make elrow a unique and unrepeatable experience.


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      • Joris Voorn

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        Joris Voorn Joris Voorn
      • Nic Fanciulli

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        Nic Fanciulli Nic Fanciulli
      • SecondCity

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        SecondCity SecondCity
      • Yousef

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        Yousef Yousef
      • Max Chapman

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        Max Chapman Max Chapman
      • Erick Morillo

        Next Playing At:
        WHP19 - Elrow Manchester (14th December)

        Erick Morillo Erick Morillo

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