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Promised Land at Proud Embankment

Promised Land

  • Proud Embankment London
  • Saturday 30th November
  • Escape reality with your chosen family at the all new super club Proud Embankment
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    about Ibiza Rocks
    Since the Ibiza Rocks Hotel opened in May 2008 it has become THE destination hotel for a new generation of music lovers. Born in the backroom of Ibiza's most legendary club night, Manumission, Ibiza Rocks has powered through six years of existence to now boast live music events, a hotel and a fashion label as part of the brand. Even better? It shows no sign of stopping. In 2008 the Ibiza Rocks Hotel opened its doors for the first time and along the hot weather, cool accommodation and the biggest acts on the planet playing poolside on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday throughout the summer, Ibiza Rocks and the hotel’s courtyard will be packed to the rafters with some of the best party animals in Ibiza. The stage is the center of the action and is packed with the latest high-tech sound and visual system, making this one of the most electrifying parties in Ibiza.


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