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These artists will be playing at Now Wave events

  • Hot Chip

    Next Playing At:
    Hot Chip (DJ Set) (25th October)

    Hot Chip Hot Chip
  • Mac Demarco

    Next Playing At:
    Mac DeMarco (23rd November)

    Mac Demarco Mac Demarco
  • Chet Faker

    Next Playing At:
    Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker (24th October)

    Chet Faker Chet Faker
  • Deerhunter

    Next Playing At:
    Deerhunter + Very Special Guests (6th November)

    Deerhunter Deerhunter
  • Shura

    Next Playing At:
    Shura (18th November)

    Shura Shura

    Next Playing At:
    Tourist (2nd April)

  • Whitney

    Next Playing At:
    Whitney (28th November)

    Whitney Whitney
  • The Field

    Next Playing At:
    The Field + Special Guests (13th December)

    The Field The Field
  • Anna Meredith

    Next Playing At:
    Anna Meredith + Special Guests (4th February)

    Anna Meredith Anna Meredith
  • Jerkcurb

    Next Playing At:
    Jerkcurb (13th October)

    Jerkcurb Jerkcurb
  • Nick Murphy

    Next Playing At:
    Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker (24th October)

    Nick Murphy Nick Murphy
  • Hot Flash Heat Wave

    Next Playing At:
    Hot Flash Heat Wave (25th October)

    Hot Flash Heat Wave Hot Flash Heat Wave
  • Me Gusta Djs

    Next Playing At:
    Me Gusta 3rd Birthday w/ Penya (1st November)

    Me Gusta Djs Me Gusta Djs
  • Penya

    Next Playing At:
    Me Gusta 3rd Birthday w/ Penya (1st November)

    Penya Penya
  • Warmduscher

    Next Playing At:
    Warmduscher (2nd November)

    Warmduscher Warmduscher

    Next Playing At:
    Portico Quartet (6th November)

  • Melt Yourself Down

    Next Playing At:
    Melt Yourself Down (7th November)

    Melt Yourself Down Melt Yourself Down
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