Now Wave artists

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These artists will be playing at Now Wave events


    Next Playing At:
    Tourist (2nd April)

  • Jacques Greene

    Next Playing At:
    Jacques Greene (Live) (30th January)

    Jacques Greene Jacques Greene
  • Steve Mason

    Next Playing At:
    Steve Mason (19th December)

    Steve Mason Steve Mason
  • The Field

    Next Playing At:
    The Field + Special Guests (13th December)

    The Field The Field
  • Anna Meredith

    Next Playing At:
    Anna Meredith + Special Guests (4th February)

    Anna Meredith Anna Meredith
  • DJ Paulette

    Next Playing At:
    Christmas at YES (20th December)

    DJ Paulette DJ Paulette
  • International Teachers of Pop

    Next Playing At:
    International Teachers of Pop (21st December)

    International Teachers of Pop International Teachers of Pop
  • Black Country, New Road

    Next Playing At:
    Black Country, New Road (22nd January)

    Black Country, New Road Black Country, New Road
  • Yacht

    Next Playing At:
    Yacht (8th February)

    Yacht Yacht
  • Girl Ray

    Next Playing At:
    Girl Ray (21st February)

    Girl Ray Girl Ray
  • Jay Som

    Next Playing At:
    Jay Som (21st March)

    Jay Som Jay Som
  • Klangstof

    Next Playing At:
    Klangstof (27th March)

    Klangstof Klangstof
  • Soccer Mommy

    Next Playing At:
    Soccer Mommy (24th June)

    Soccer Mommy Soccer Mommy