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2ManyDJs White hotel tickets information has now been released, find out how to get yours.

14th Jun 2018

Image: 2ManyDJs (source)

Belgian party starters du jour 2ManyDJs are heading to Manchester for an intimate showcase in one of the city's most exciting new venues, the White Hotel in Salford.

The legendary duo have been one of dance music's most enigmatic forces this century, redefining the concept of DJing and re-adding the party element.

Their band Soulwax fused rave and rock with aplomb, whilst their Despacio collaboration with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy brought an elegance and aural quality to nightlife, but it's as a destructive DJing duo where they remain their most potent.

This will see them back in a city where they've always had a strong presence, with Band on the Wall and Now Wave collaborating to see them debut in the venue. 

2ManyDJs at the White Hotel tickets are available now via the box below.

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