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PierJam 2019 Closing Party at Blackpool North Pier

PierJam 2019 Closing Party

  • Blackpool North Pier Blackpool
  • Saturday 28th September
  • PierJam The closing party for 2019's 5th birthday summer season, Saturday 28th September at Blackpool's iconic North Pier!
    Popular Event: 1500 attending
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    about Pier Jam

    Pier Jam, set at the Iconic seaside venue of Blackpool North Pier, is all about quality electronic music with the outside atmosphere and sea views creating a special kind of vibe. With 4 stages including 2 outdoor, no other event delivers such a summer soaked day time party, backed by a soundtrack designed for real house music fans. Imagine dancing all day, whilst watching the sun go down over the sea; a clubbing memory that is hard to beat.


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    • MK

      Next Playing At:
      PierJam 2019 Closing Party (28th September)

      MK MK

      Next Playing At:
      PierJam 2019 Closing Party (28th September)

    • Ferreck Dawn

      Next Playing At:
      PierJam 2019 Closing Party (28th September)

      Ferreck Dawn Ferreck Dawn
    • DJ EZ

      Next Playing At:
      PierJam 2019 Closing Party (28th September)

      DJ EZ DJ EZ

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