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Rong Pres. John Askew (Open To Close) at Joshua Brooks

Rong Pres. John Askew (Open To Close)

  • Joshua Brooks Manchester
  • Saturday 2nd November
  • John Askew all night Rong 
    159 attending
    Cuckoo's 2nd Birthday special with John Askew (3hr set)  at Box Nottingham

    Cuckoo's 2nd Birthday special with John Askew (3hr set)

    • Box Nottingham Nottingham
    • Saturday 25th January 2020
    • Cuckoo celebrate their 2nd Birthday in style with 'THE BOSS' John Askew.
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      about Rong Manchester

      It was back in September 2009 that RONG first invaded the dance floors of Manchester city centre – However, after changing venues and then taking some time out, they never actually ever got the chance to celebrate their first official coming of age ☹

      The roaring success of the re-launch party in January 2011 instantly made a lasting impression, which allowed the brand to get their feet firmly under the table and secure a bi-monthly residency at one of Manchester’s premier venue’s, Venus The Club. Since then RONG has become an infectious remedy in the Manchester club scene, filling a much needed gap in the market and proving that trance still firmly has a place in the heart of Manchester’s club life.

      RONG is a night that is all about the music! Forever armed with a tight bill of talent from a spectrum of global cutting edge and elite trance acts, showcased in an intimate and underground abode. This carefully conjured recipe allows RONG’uns alike to put their trance pants on and lose their inhibitions on the dance floor to indulge in the pure love of euphoric breakdowns, spine tingling melodies, uplifting riffs and thumping baselines; complimented by an every friendly and energetic aura. So say goodbye to pretentious partying, as the ethos of the night is grounded upon a pure and raw love of trance that unites likeminded individuals to celebrate a mutual passion for the music. The night also provides the rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with the bestinternational artists in the scene, presenting an exclusive and cheaper alternative to the large scale arena shows that are fast replacing smaller club nights for the world’s top DJs.

      Music aside, the night’s quirky and underground vibe also sets it apart from your average party. RONG is a brand made by clubbers for the clubbers. Constantly striving to deliver who is sought in the scene as part of an accessible and unique clubbing experience. Just imagine… as the lights come on at 5am, a respectfully packed dance floor amidst a sea of hands in the air, with the echoing chant ‘one more tune, one more tune’! This has fast become a common scene at the close of each event, evidencing the infectious love affair the brand has forged with its revelers.

      So, if you’re RONG in all the right ways, this is certainly a night for you!


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      • John Askew

        Next Playing At:
        Rong Pres. John Askew (Open To Close) (2nd November)

        John Askew John Askew
      • Alex Wright

        Next Playing At:
        Cuckoo's 2nd Birthday special with John Askew (3hr set) (25th January)

        Alex Wright Alex Wright
      • Frazer Hynds

        Next Playing At:
        Cuckoo's 2nd Birthday special with John Askew (3hr set) (25th January)

        Frazer Hynds Frazer Hynds
      • Steph Martin

        Next Playing At:
        Cuckoo's 2nd Birthday special with John Askew (3hr set) (25th January)

        Steph Martin Steph Martin

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