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Youngblood Brass Band at Village Underground

Youngblood Brass Band

  • Village Underground London
  • Tuesday 22nd October
  • Globe-trotting riot jazzers Youngblood Brass Band are focused on creating progressive, raw, acoustic, modern, dance-til-you-mean-it music.
    The London African Gospel Choir performs Paul Simon's Graceland at Tramshed

    The London African Gospel Choir performs Paul Simon's Graceland

    • Tramshed Cardiff
    • Friday 25th October
    • Soundcrash presents: The London African Gospel Choir come to Cardiff this October, performing live at Tramshed.
      Stranger Things Halloween Party at EartH

      Stranger Things Halloween Party

      • EartH London
      • Saturday 26th October
      • DJ Yoda brings Stranger Things out of the upside down for an audio-visual spectacular this Halloween...
        Gato Preto at Rich Mix

        Gato Preto

        • This event has been cancelled
        • Rich Mix London
        • Friday 1st November
        • Soundcrash presents: Gato Preto, following the release of 'Tempo' in 2017, head to Rich Mix, London this November.
          London Afrobeat Collective at Oslo

          London Afrobeat Collective

          • Oslo London
          • Thursday 7th November
          • Soundcrash Presents: London Afrobeat Collective, the 9-piece Afro-Funk noise bomb, live in London, this November
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            • Roni Size

              Next Playing At:
              Roni Size x LTJ Bukem (31st January)

              Roni Size Roni Size
            • LTJ Bukem

              Next Playing At:
              Roni Size x LTJ Bukem (31st January)

              LTJ Bukem LTJ Bukem
            • DJ Yoda

              Next Playing At:
              Stranger Things Halloween Party (26th October)

              DJ Yoda DJ Yoda
            • Tinariwen

              Next Playing At:
              Tinariwen (15th November)

              Tinariwen Tinariwen
            • TONY ALLEN

              Next Playing At:
              Tony Allen + Nubiyan Twist (29th November)

            • Youngblood Brass Band

              Next Playing At:
              Youngblood Brass Band (22nd October)

              Youngblood Brass Band Youngblood Brass Band

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