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Five For The Funk: Hessle Audio

Ahead of Transmission and Hessle Audio's takeover of Sankeys on Friday, we went through five of the label's most defining moments, according to us.

18th Feb 2015

Photo: Ben UFO

There's no denying that the underground electronic music world is a much more exciting place thanks to the presence of Ben UFO, Pangaea and Pearson Sound's pioneering imprint Hessle Audio.

Initially finding itself under the post dubstep umbrella term, the label very quickly found its own sound, hitting on an edgier, darker, and more experimental formula, something it has resolutely stuck to throughout its existence. Ahead of the Transmission's Hessle Audio takeover at Sankeys on Friday, we thought we'd revisit some of the imprint's most outstanding moments.

Blawan - Fram

As one of the biggest name in UK techno at the moment, Jamie Roberts AKA Blawan was given his debut on Hessle back in 2010, and what a debut it was.

Using a UK garage backdrop, crunchy, abrasive live percussion and woozy bass, Blawan's first record is something of a modern masterpiece. Break neck drums rub shoulders with weirdly pitched, eerie voices and unnerving synths as the track battles its way through its five and a half minute lifespan, leaving a devastating trail behind it, nicely laying down the groundwork for what has already been an outstanding career.

Pearson Sound - Blanked

From his earliest releases, David Kennedy, AKA Ramadanman, AKA Pearson Sound showed a highly considered approach to beat making, with crisp frequencies making the most off some damn fine drum programming. His work as Pearson Sound has seen him marry elements of dubstep, footwork, trap, bass and techno to create a sound that is fearlessly fresh and immediately recognisable as his own.

On 'Blanked', irregular bass drops, glitchy kick rums and sparse use of the 808 collide to create something far greater than the sum of its parts, whilst the breakdown in the middle of the track is perhaps one of the most gorgeous things you're likely to experience in modern dance music. Bring on the new album.

Objekt - Cactus

Yet another killer act that found an early home on Hessle - TJ Hertz or Objekt as he's best known launched the utterly brilliant 'Cactus' in 2012 - a track that uses chewed up dubstep tropes and spits them out, creating a juddery slice of bass music heaven.

The flip side too saw Objekt career down his technically superior IDM route, something that he has continued to command with significant skill - just listen to last year's LP Flatland for confirmation.

Joe - Slope

One of the most outstanding records of 2013, shadowy, eccentric producer Joe returned for his third offering for the imprint after already impressing with his off the wall, 140bpm cuts in 2009 and 2010.

This time out, Joe delivered an unnerving slab of tech house wrapped in toxic, creepy atmospherics. Building to breaking point around the three minute mark, the tension eventually subsides and a conspicuous club monster is born.

Bruce - Not Stochastic

As time has passed, releases from the imprint have become far more sporadic, as the founding trio's tastes have continued down their own individual paths. Despite that, they have stuck to their original philosophy in which all three have to agree on a record prior to pressing, which has in turn yielded some fiercely original, downright mind-boggling releases. This is is exactly what happened when they dropped their sole release of 2014 - Bruce's insane 'Not Stochastic'.

Off kilter to the max, Bristol based newcomer Bruce created a claustrophobic record barely held together by its lolloping kick drums and intense hisses and whispers. The bubbling lead synth fades in and out at incalculable intervals, creating one of the year's trippiest, but most essential records.

See Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Pangaea in action at Sankeys this weekend by grabbing your Hessle Audio tickets here. 

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