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These artists will be playing at Worried About Henry events

  • Chase & Status

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Chase & Status (DJ set) (21st December)

    Chase & Status Chase & Status
  • Pendulum

    Next Playing At:
    WAH x Joy - Pendulum (DJ set) (22nd November)

    Pendulum Pendulum
  • Shy FX

    Next Playing At:
    WAH x Metropolis - Shy FX + Stamina MC, Mungos Hi Fi + More (30th November)

    Shy FX Shy FX
  • Hybrid Minds

    Next Playing At:
    WAH x Metropolis - Hybrid Minds ft Tempza / Turno / North Base (2nd November)

    Hybrid Minds Hybrid Minds
  • High Contrast

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - High Contrast & Particle (8th November)

    High Contrast High Contrast
  • Mungos Hi Fi

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - MUNGOS HI FI SOUND SYSTEM (25th October)

    Mungos Hi Fi Mungos Hi Fi
  • Skepsis

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Skepsis & Bru-C / Jamie Duggan / BOU / Indika (25th October)

    Skepsis Skepsis
  • Ed Solo

    Next Playing At:
    Jungle Cakes Torquay (2nd November)

    Ed Solo Ed Solo
  • Flava D

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Flava D (1st November)

    Flava D Flava D
  • The Pharcyde

    Next Playing At:
    Bizarre Ride 2 - The Pharcyde Live Ft. FATLIP & Slimkid3 (13th December)

    The Pharcyde The Pharcyde
  • S.P.Y

    Next Playing At:
    Hospitality Halloween - S.P.Y / Danny Byrd / Urbandawn / Bou (1st November)

    S.P.Y S.P.Y
  • Danny Byrd

    Next Playing At:
    Hospitality Halloween - S.P.Y / Danny Byrd / Urbandawn / Bou (1st November)

    Danny Byrd Danny Byrd
  • Calibre

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Calibre + Benny L + Fluidity + more (15th November)

    Calibre Calibre
  • Deekline

    Next Playing At:
    Jungle Cakes Torquay (2nd November)

    Deekline Deekline
  • Benny Page

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Ed Solo b2b Deekline b2b Serial Killaz / Benny Page (15th November)

    Benny Page Benny Page
  • The Prototypes

    Next Playing At:
    WAH - Rampage Festival UK Tour - Hazard, Prototypes, Kanine+more (6th December)

    The Prototypes The Prototypes
  • Lenzman

    Next Playing At:
    WAH x High Rise - Marky & GQ, Calibre & DRS, Serum & Inja, more (22nd November)

    Lenzman Lenzman
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