Ibiza Insider's Guide: Amine Edge & DANCE

Ibiza Insider's Guide: Amine Edge & DANCE

We asked Amine Edge & DANCE to give us their tips on the best places to party, eat and sleep during your time in Ibiza.

Date published: 25th May 2016

The opening parties are well and truly underway over on the White Isle, with the likes of Circoloco, Cocoon and Space opening the raving floodgates for revellers this week. With the first taste of Ibiza partying still fresh, we thought it was time for another insider's guide.

Amine Edge & DANCE answered a couple of our key questions about the island ahead of their Ibiza gigs at Amnesia including the venue's opening on Saturday 28th May plus dates at Cream and Together

The remix masters and house enthusiasts gave us the low down on their fondest Ibiza memories, the power of a good sleep and the best club nights to look out for this year. Check out Amine Edge & DANCE's upcoming gigs

Where do you stay on the island when you're there and why?

Amine Edge & DANCE: We like to stay at Destino because it’s an amazing to relax at the day after a gig. The rooms are quiet and separated from people, it’s really basic and pricey but that's just Ibiza. The other option is Hard Rock but the price is like being fucked in the ass and saying thank you, so yes Destino is our top hotel.

What makes Ibiza so special?

Amine Edge: There are so many good clubs and parties - it’s insane. You can meet all your fans from around the world, it’s the vacation after school kind of thing but at the same time it's also a lot of flights and hard work. I love to go and relax at the pool after my gigs, that’s my highlight.

DANCE: Because Ibiza is THE place to be when you love electronic music, there are the best clubs, the best parties and people are just here to have fun and forget their job for a period. 

Where are your favourite places to eat?

Amine Edge: Oh man I feel shit, I don’t remember any names ha. I always get help to find good restaurants, but I remember a small one on the rocks, near Destino Hotel, they have the best fresh fish with vegetables, or any seafood really. 

DANCE: The sushi at the Pacha restaurant is really good and at Hard Rock there has a beautiful restaurant downstairs in front of the beach. The food is delicious.

And the best places to go out?

Amine Edge: We played a few times for Insane at Pacha with John Digweed and MK, it was our favourite party. Three very different DJs, bringing two different types of crowd, an amazing melting pot.

Sankeys was also very good, it was nice to do those two seasons - so many memories. Space is a must for sure, and Amnesia is one of my favourite clubs, we’re opening the club with some pals this year, how crazy is that? Oh and I forgot, DC10, never had the luck of playing there, but it’s one of the sickest clubs in the world.

DANCE: During the day I like to go to Ocean Beach with all my friends, it’s like a big pool party every day. Then at night I love to go to DC10, it’s my favourite club on the island.

Who do you think will be the star of the season this year?

Amine Edge & DANCE: You will always see the big brands rocking year after year like Circoloco, Paradise, Together, ANTS, Insane etc. (Sorry for the ones I forgot) But I really have hopes for Abode at Sankeys, elrow at Space, and of course we gonna try our best to destroy our six gigs at Amnesia for Together and Cream.

Image: Cream Ibiza Credit: James Alexander Chapman

Where is the best place to watch the sun set and rise on the island?

Amine Edge & DANCE: Mambo, best vibe on the island, drinks and food are amazing too, the resident DJ always plays good music.

For someone about to come to Ibiza for the first time, what are the three things they must do before their time is out?

Amine Edge: Sleep before the night ahead because it's gonna be long and you never know where and when it’s gonna end. Eat because you never know the quantity of drinks you're gonna have either ha, and don’t dress too well, it doesn’t matter in the island.

DANCE: Bring some flip flops, some sun cream and some paracetamol for hangovers.

What’s the island's greatest hidden secret?

Amine Edge: If you know it let me know, I like secrets lol.

DANCE: Everything that happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza.

What is your fondest memory of your time spent on the island? 

Amine Edge: I think it was in 2006 when I first came to Ibiza and I dreamed I would play in all those clubs where I now play, so cute isn’t it?

DANCE: 2012, the first time I went to DC10. Richy Ahmed and Kerri Chandler were playing and the sun was setting. The sound system of the club impressed me so much. I usually never dance in a club (even though my name is DANCE) but this day I was in the crowd dancing for three hours. Such a good memory of this party.

And finally, what one bit of advice would you give someone hitting Ibiza for the first time?

Amine Edge: Be strong, the return to reality after that is hard, just enjoy yourself, and forget everything else.

DANCE: I'd advise them to start saving money straight away for the next summer because they will come back for sure.

Amine Edge & Dance play at Cream Ibiza on Thursday 7th July and Cream Ibiza Thursday 18th August.

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