After 30 years of Practical Philosophy courses we are now adding an "Economics with Justice" course.

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Date published: 3rd Sep 2018

Our Practical Philosophy courses will continue this term in Reading, Maidenhead and Burnham. Many hundreds of people have gained useful insights into their lives through attending these classes.

We are excited this term to be offering a course entitled "Economics with Justice" which has long been presented in London, but this term it will also be offered in Reading as a 10 week Thursday evening class in Reading College, starting on 27th September.

The Foundation Economics Course presented in Term 1 provides a broad introduction to the principles of economics. The course offers understanding and insight into the forces governing our lives and those of our fellow human beings. Students are invited to question all that is presented and to exercise their own powers of reason and observation to bring the study to life.

Throughout the course the idea is to use truth and justice as guides to the study. These are the measures against which the principles taught are to be tested. The basis of this approach is the view that, if what is understood is true, its application will produce justice in human affairs.

Some of the subjects covered in the first term are Capital and the Production of Wealth; the Importance of Location; Credit and Banking; how Money is Created; Distribution of Wealth, Taxation and International Trade. Having a greater knowledge of all this will be a great help regardless of the outcome of Brexit!

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