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A Note About Our Customer Care Next Week

This letter has been written by Richard Dyer, Director of Skiddle as an update on Customer Care from Monday 12th- Friday 16th July.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 9th Jul 2021


I was just after a quick word if that’s ok?

Skiddle has, since the beginning, always tried to put the customer first. In fact, believe it or not, myself and Ben were once customers and when we created Skiddle it was essentially a side project to better our own nights out. To discover new events (2001) and to make the purchase process as simple as possible (about 2006).

A lot has changed since then, Skiddle has grown into a company with 4 offices, thousands of events on sale. Social media has exploded, communication methods have changed, people demand answers immediately. 

Now over the years we have relished the challenge and done everything we can and excel in our standards. We’ve won awards for our customer service, and review sites rate us highly, with scoring at 4.52 out of 5 and Trustpilot a 4.4 out of 5.

We are very very proud of our Customer Care team and we have some WONDERFUL HUMAN BEINGS at the end of the phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and chat facility.

And that is what they are. Humans. People that I speak to on a daily basis, we make each other brews, share each other's post-football hangovers, support each other through the ridiculousness that has been the last 18 months. There is no Ivory Tower at Skiddle, I personally sit 6 feet away from our Customer Care team, everyone at Skiddle can talk to me whenever they need to and about whatever. 

 In some cases, we’ve received multiple messages from customers through different channels using language they wouldn’t use talking to their own Mum. I completely understand how frustrating it can be not being able to get through to a company but this very special team of ours can get a bit upset, a bit worn down, a bit broken and that’s not nice either. 

Now, I hate a company using a global pandemic as an excuse, but I also would like to say that the last 15 months haven’t been the easiest on the events industry, and whatever you think of how ticketing works, it’s probably not that simple. There has been an EXCEPTIONAL amount of work generated by this pandemic and for all our friends at every ticket outlet across the country, it has been far from easy.

The quality of our support has slipped. We know that. It’s not through design, it’s not through desire. It’s a side effect of a number of issues. Sheer volume being the main factor as a result of thousands of event cancellations and postponements with thousands upon thousands of customers needing our help, despite our best efforts to automate as much as we possibly can. Our response time isn’t what we expect of ourselves so we are going to make it right. 

 Therefore, next week Monday 12th - Friday 16th July we are going to close our Customer Care phone lines at Skiddle. The department remains open, the team continues working and this will allow us to clear the backlog of emails and messages so our response time gets back to where it should be. It allows us to upgrade our phone system and improve our chat bot so you get the answer you need when you need. To streamline our support. To be better.

The best way to get any support is by visiting with the majority of queries you are able to answer yourself by visiting your order history at

Skiddle Customer Care will be back answering customer calls on Monday 19th July, and our opening times will be back to what they were pre-pandemic (9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday). It will hopefully be a very special day for another reason and well, we can all get back to normal.

Thanks for your time and understanding

Richard Dyer. Director. Skiddle


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