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Crystal Fighters 'Everything Is My Family' review

Crystal Fighters 'Everything Is My Family' review

Crystal Fighters return with their third album - a life-defining journey of traditional and electronic sounds.

Ben Smith

Date published: 21st Oct 2016

Image: Crystal Fighters 

There's a spellbinding aura of youthful liberation about Crystal Fighter's fourth record - their first since Cave Rave was released in 2013. Reeling off with summer nostalgia, Everything Is My Family keeps to the logotype of tropical latin folk glazed with beaming electronics. Camp-fire harmonies fluent the album, imbuing it with the energies that ooze through their ramshackle live performances. 

Successfully combining more traditional hispanic sounds and hyper-charging them with dance-floor electronics may seem like an odd concotion, yet it's easy to get lost in the tribal construction of the album and envisage the trio sitting under the stars with a ukulele in hand.  

In 2013 the band sadly lost their former drummer Andrea. 'Lay Low' is included in his honour, a soulful combustion that encapsulates the albums defining message. Life is somewhat magical and we must embrace it in every way possible.  If that is too ring true, then to "party all night, party all day" is the best foot forward.  

Crystal Fighters play in Liverpool on Friday 18th November - tickets via the box below.

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