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Dance Your Heart Out in Manchester on Valentine’s Eve

Treat yourself to a great night out in the UK’s best place to be for music - Manchester. has loads of places to go for those who fancy something a bit different…

Richard Dyer

Date published: 14th Jan 2009

SO, you’ve put up with your partner’s relatives over Christmas, even though all you really wanted to do was snuggle up on the sofa, scoff an indecent volume of chocolates and watch Doctor Who. You’ve expertly produced the dutiful ‘socks are always SO useful’ comment whilst aiming a charming smile in the direction of your girl/boyfriend’s mum. You’ve put up with family arguments so petty they make your own relatives look almost functional.

Then, if you’re a bloke, you have probably trawled round the January sales with your partner, hunting for something that justifies queuing for 40 hours behind the lady who’s returning an unwanted Christmas jumper.

At last. It’s February! No, don’t be like that. It’s not summer, granted. It’s still dark at about 4pm, correct. The credit crunch is still distinctly crunchy, yes. But there’s a small beacon of light on the horizon. Valentine’s Day, that time when we recall with a certain smugness how it felt to be 14 years old, when EVERYONE was asking you how many Valentine’s cards you got. Remember the old the post hasn’t arrived yet excuse? Or, our personal favourite, telling your friends that the postman went home sick after his back gave in from the strain carrying your post that morning.

The music’s in Manchester

There’s no need to fib anymore. Congratulations, you’ve done it. You’ve actually netted someone who loves you, you love them back, it’s all hearts and flowers – well, most of the time - and it’s time to celebrate. Don’t be churlish, treat yourself to a great night out in the UK’s best place to be for music - Manchester. has loads of places to go for those who fancy something a bit different…

Have a ball at Sankey’s…

Check out BITCH Valentine’s Ball at Sankey’s with Funkagenda, Will Bailey, ED Kane and more. It should be a night to remember for fans of Electronica, House and Techno. Doors are open 10.30pm until 5am and it’s £12 to get in or £10 for NUS.

A Steamy Studio 

For rock fans, Yo-shi at Studio on Peter Street is where you’re heading, only £4 entry. There’s also a great line-up at Area51 on Valentine’s night, with big names like Luke Dzierzek, whose track Echo formed the backbone of Citroen’s stonking summer advertising campaign – you know, the one with the uber cool robot car. Also in the impressive line-up are Jason Herd, Neil James and Lee Madden.  Not to be missed, it’s £12 on the door or save £2 if you book in advance through Skiddle. Let’s face it, with a line-up like that, you’d want to be certain of getting in.

Relish the romance

The winner of best new club night at Galaxy’s nightlife awards 2008, Plush at Relish, will be pulling out all the stops to bring you House, Club Classics and Funky House for a Valentine’s night to remember.

An Odder mix

Plus there’s a cool combination of just about everything upstairs at Odder, with Shoplifters conjuring up everything from house to Indie, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop.

If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, check out Skiddle’s calendar – there’s plenty more where that came from, and you can get it all sorted online.