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Dutch Tech House DJ Steve Mulder talks to Skiddle ahead of DNA @ Sound Control

October 8th sees DNA host their first night at Sound Control. Will Orchard caught up with headliner Steve Mulder for a chat about collaborations, remixes and his multi-genre approach to music.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 3rd Oct 2011

October 8th sees DNA host their first night at Sound Control, with three floors of house, tech, funk and a little bit more offering something for everyone.

Headlining the basement while Jason Herd and D.O.D take care of things upstairs will be Dutch tech house maestro Steve Mulder.

Will Orchard caught up with him for a chat about collaborations, remixes and his multi-genre approach to music. 

Hi Steve! First of all could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about the music you make.

I'm a DJ / producer from a little town near Amsterdam and I produce funky tech house and techno.

What first influenced you to get into DJing and production, and when did that happen?

At an early age my hero was and still is Ben Liebrand and later, around 1996, of course Carl Cox. He's been a friend and mentor for many years and supports everything I do.

Your releases cover different styles, including house music and techno. Do you see yourself as someone who isn’t too bothered by purists who only stick to one genre?

I make what I like, so that can vary from house to techno and everything in between. But lately I’ve tended to make more funky tech house.

What’s your typical approach when creating music? Has it changed over the years?

I start out with a kick-drum and start building around it. Bassline, drums etc. The kick should be the centre of your track (at least that's my approach!). My approach hasn't changed much over the years, I don’t think.

You’ve made some exciting new music working with other producers – for example, I really love your track ‘3rd Cut’, a collaboration with Nick Fiorucci. What’s it like working with someone else, and how do you think it’s different to producing by yourself?

Thanks! I made that track myself but used a sample from an old house track and I contacted the original artist Nick Fiorucci. He wanted to co-operate to get it released and I was very happy to release it on Toolroom. But I've worked with producers like Roel Salemink and Gabriel Ben in the studio and it really works well. You can lift each other to a higher level.

You’ve remixed Petrae Foy, who appears on the DNA line-up with you on October 8th. Who else are you looking forward to on the night?

D.O.D. I've never heard him play before and really want to see him.

And lastly, for someone who hasn’t seen you before, what can we expect from your set?

Driving funky deep hard sexy tech house and techno!

Words: Will Orchard

Catch Steve Mulder at DNA at Sound Control on October 8th. Tickets are available here

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