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Floating Points all day long at fabric review

Thomas Whitehead went on a journey at London's fabric thanks to an epic extended set from Floating Points.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 5th Apr 2018

Image: fabriclondon (source

The slow trickle of falling rain hits the cold streets of London. We try to avoid the downfall and just about manage to keep dry from the spring weather. Luckily for us, the queues for fabric were non-existent and our early arrival felt like the best decision of 2018.

It was Easter weekend but it felt like the depths of an Arctic winter as whispered utterings of the third beast of the east were being passed around. Despite this, moods were high, as we knew much better things were ahead.

We were heading to the all day long session from Floating Points at London’s iconic fabric nightclub for an Easter Sunday of musical escape.

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points is the Manchester-born musician and DJ. His ascent to the top of line-ups has been swift, and his eclectic approach to his selections has been welcomed by many a crowd.

When you also take into account that Shepherd is qualified a neuroscientist, you begin to understand his approach to playing records. It’s also this approach that has been met with much critical acclaim.

Back to the event and we stride onto the dance floor to a sombre collection of partygoers sat watching as Shepherd begins his set. Early songs set the scene for a cross between a spaghetti western and a Tarantino shock maker. The retro ambience is chopped up with the deep dub of Burial.

Later, the club is beginning to fill up and the dance floor begins to as well as he bounces between the likes of Denis Sulta's 'Dubelle Oh Xx (Jackmaster VIP)' and Danell Dixon's 'Dance Dance (DJ Pierre's wild pitch mix)'. Shepherd responds to the growing crowd, as the grooves get funkier, and we’re treated to a medley of nostalgic retro disco. The screaming rasp of James Brown can be heard over the speakers as the London crowd point to the ceiling.

The cold grasp of British weather is now a distant memory as the crowd shuffles to a Latino-tinged toe-tapper. We could easily be playing extras in an episode of Dexter, or sipping Mojitos on a Cuban beach.

As the evening continues we are led across a range of electronic spheres and the sounds keep coming. Genres and decades are chopped and changed, but done so naturally and with ease.

We groove on till our legs can carry us no more. We feel like we’ve had a ride through multiple musical destinations with the deft touch of a passionate DJ.