Patrick Topping & Nathan Barato 'Paradise on Earth 01' review

We get stuck into the first edition of Hot Creations' 'Paradise on Earth' mix series.

Becca Frankland

Last updated: 30th Nov 2016.
Originally published: 29th Nov 2016

Hot Creations is one of the most prolific and successful dance labels of all time. Founded by globally renowned DJs Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, the imprint has become lauded for releasing idyllic house and techno tracks with a forward-thinking, club-ready edge. There are few homes more desirable than this for your music if you're a producer. 

Stemming from Hot Creations are the alluring Paradise parties, which have welcomed artists from the label to locations around the world, most notably at DC10 for the weekly residency over in Ibiza. Now the brands start a new venture with the Paradise on Earth compilations, and the first double CD in the series (a Mexico special) is courtesy of residents and label regulars Nathan Barato and Patrick Topping.

Disc One is from Barato, who delves straight in with the glitchy jabs of Derrick Carter’s ‘Where You at?’, an all-round classic and an instant indication that there's no warm up for this monstrous mix. Heavy drums and percussion from the 2013 Catz & Dogz remix of Thomas Schumacher's 'Hush' make this oldie one of the standouts on the first CD.

It's an indulgent mix of dancefloor groovers and high octane bursts, all of which feature the recognisable feel good basslines and breakdowns that would be expected from a Hot Creations release. 

Over on Disc Two Patrick Topping's opening is as playful as ever with the changing pitch of Wendy Gondeln - 'Fracking' (Magazine Remix) teasing its way in. The momentum quickly picks up with some outright party starters like Topping's 'Metro' and Jack N Jerk's 'Acid Gaddafi'.

The second disc features a lot more vocals, characteristic of Patrick Topping's mesmerising sets. A popping pace results in peak time stuff which is as raucous as we'd hoped from the Geordie DJ, filled with kicks, claps and thumping tech with a groovey edge - this is intense and addictive listening.

Paradise on Earth 01 is a triumphant double-discer that belongs in any ravers collection. 

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Disc One - Nathan Barato Mix:

01 Derrick Carter - Where Ya At? (Mix Originale)

02 Precious - It's Gonna Be My Way (Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub)

03 Moritz Piske - Dirt Cabana

04 Gabry Fasano & Riccardo Ferri - Snare City

05 Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato - Feeding the Rhythm 

06 Ian Pooley - Higgledy Piggledy

07 Makam - Loleatta

08 Brand New Heavies - Shelter (Dan's Groove Part 1)

09 Hardrive 2000 - Never Forget (When You Touch Me) (Bonus Beats)

10 Nathan Barato - A Little Love

11 Vibe Killer s- Get Up!

12 Nathan Barato - Love Came Around

13 Green Velvet - UFOs

14 ItaloJohnson – 08 A

15 Jovonn- Jump Off

16 Thomas Schumacher - Hush (Catz n Dogz 2013 Remix)

17 Jared Wilson - Girl, I'm Waitin' 

18 Robert Hood – Dancer


Disc Two - Patrick Topping Mix:

01 Wendy Gondeln - Fracking (Magazine Remix) 

02 Redshape – Dog Day 

03 Tronco Trax - Walk 4 Me (Milk Bar Mix) 

04 Sex Sells - Ain't No Wifey 

05 Jack N Jerk - Acid Gaddafi 

06 Patrick Topping – Tease Magnet 

07 Elliot Adamson - Pleased To Meet You 

08 Metaboman – Next Please 

09 The Boss - Congo (Ministry Anthem) 

10 DJ Freddy - Emergency Delivery 

11 Gene Hunt - Dr Roland 

12 Butch - Disco Shhh 

13 Itchy + Scratchy Disco Girlfriend (Spot On Mix) 

14 Sean Miller - Control Your Body 

15 Patrick Topping – Metro 

16 Oli Furness - Binary Code 

17 Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix) 

18 Amentia – Serpent 

19 Michael Mayer – Mental Caddy 

20 Patrick Topping - Wouldn't Dare