The Birmingham Life: Victories At Sea

Heading to Birmingham in the near future? Rapidly emerging outfit Victories At Sea let us in some of the best musically direct places the city has to offer ahead of their debut album launch.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 22nd Oct 2015

Image: Victories At Sea 

Victories At Sea are at the forefront of a thriving Birmingham scene with their iridescent indie disco numbers that dab nineties nostalgia.  

Currently on tour with Editors, the trio are on the verge of releasing their debut record Everything Forever. The initial signs point towards a record that will revel in danceable outposts propelled by retro synths, swooning guitars and air tight electronics: a formula that connects the dots between venue and club.  

Over the period of two years the band recorded the album in a damp basement of an old whistle factory in the industrial of Digbeth, but it's the musical heartland and watering hole tip offs we're after from arguably the most exciting prospects to come out of Birmingham since native bands like Swim Deep and Peace

In ode to avoiding being misled by misinformed city guides that quite often lead us to the musically bankrupt quarters, we caught up with the Birmingham outfit to pinpoint the riches of their city's burgeoning musical scene. 

Where to party in Birmingham? 

A few years ago the top answer was Snobs Nightclub, the birth of many a band occurred within its sweaty walls, upon its sticky floors, encouraging youthful dreams with its dangerously cheap vodka and alternative music policy.

We absolutely loved it during our formative years, I have hazy memories, but alas it has since moved venue and lost its nasty, dirty and shambolic charm. Bit of a shame but then it’s still probably a must try for any student.

These days our party tastes are easily satisfied with the local haunts of Moseley and Kings Heath around where we live. Most notably The Hare and Hounds, run by Adam Regan (Leftfoot) is by far the best party venue in the city and puts on everything from gigs to DJs, techno, funk and soul. We just turn up, drink their signature brew and get lost in whatever is on, then the party moves to Hi Tide for the best kebab in Birmingham. 

Favourite music venue? 

Again The Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath is really the venue to catch new acts, both rooms are awesome and capable of hosting really intimate small gigs as well as those bands on the cusp of something bigger.

It’s somewhat biased that aside from playing in the band, I promote shows there with our friends This Is Tmrw, it’s thanks to the shows put on at this venue I have discovered a whole wealth of new music over the last five years be it Matthew Dear, Factory Floor or my favourite new discovery Ought. Also recommend Sunflower Lounge, The Rainbow and Flapper for more city central locations to discover new live music.

Where do you buy your records? 

Polar Bear or Milque & Muhle Records for new releases and limited vinyl stuff, they’re really helpful and really on the button with all sorts of genres. Also love the classics that appear in Oxfam Music and Book shop in Moseley, got an original Heaven Up Here (Echo & The Bunnymen) 12” record in there for next to nothing recently, that was a damn good day.

Also every month there’s a fantastic record fair again in Moseley full of gems, I have spent far too much time and money in there. 

Favourite hangout? 

Band meetings used to take place in pubs, most notably The Wellington in the city centre because Geoff who runs Static Caravan (the label we’re signed to) likes a decent pint of ale. Lately however been really getting into non-alcoholic daytime meetings, amazingly you get more done, there’s some cracking cafes in this city and I love a good coffee, definitely worth visiting Faculty Café (Piccadilly Arcade) or Home Is Where on Church Street. 

Best memory of Birmingham?

We’ve played some pretty incredible shows over the years here, be it our EP launch show at Sunflower Lounge which was a messy night, or our first ever show at Off the Cuff Festival, but for me it had to be playing the main room of The Institute in Digbeth supporting Editors. They’ve been really supportive of us and beyond that show have taken us out for more shows all round Europe.

But that one show was dead special and gave us a real feeling we can engage with a large room, hopefully that’s the future, it’s definitely what we are striving for. 

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Victories at Sea's debut album Everything Forever is released Friday 30th October