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ASK Italian - Wigmore Street in London sample menus

ASK Italian - Wigmore Street

Customer rating: 3.5/5 from 1 diner review

ASK Italian - Wigmore Street
56-60 Wigmore Street,

Cuisine: Italian

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Sample Menu for ASK Italian - Wigmore Street

Dinner ASK Wigmore Street Sample Menu:

Antipasti Selezione (n) NEW:
A few of our favourites laden on a succulent selection platter; butterfly king prawns, stuffed mushrooms, marinated olives and a charming oven-roasted tomato, baby mozzarella and green pesto salad, along with garlic bread and a devilish dip of garlic mayo.
Great for sharing! 10.95

Cod and Pancetta Fishcake NEW:
Light, crisp and golden, this cod, haddock, pancetta and spring onion fishcake is garnished with salad and rounded off beautifully with a lemon and parsley mayo dip. 5.25
(Subject to availability)

Crisp and golden baby squid, served with lemon and parsley mayo for prime dipping. 4.95

Prawns al Piccante:
The juiciest of king prawns with a little kick; baked in a tomato, chilli and basil sauce, served with our warm bread fresh from the oven. 5.95

Garlic Bread (v) 3.75
Garlic Bread with Cheese (v) 4.25

Marinated Olives (v):
A stunning bowl piled high with juicy Mediterranean olives, almost too picturesque to eat. Almost! 2.55

Warm Spinach & Mushroom Dip NEW RECIPE:
This creamy dip is divine with toasted rosemary ciabatta and our warm bread fresh from the oven. Great for double dip sharing purposes! 6.75

Bruschetta (v):
An ASK classic. Marinated tomatoes, red onion, basil and fresh rocket form a colourful cocktail of flavours on toasted Italian bread. Anointed with extra virgin olive oil, what else? 4.45

Capra Grill (v):
This countryside classic features crumbly melted goat's cheese on ciabatta with caramelised onions and beef tomatoes. Nestled on a mixed leaf and marinated tomato salad with a balsamic and olive oil drizzle. 4.95

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Crostini:
Oven-baked parcels of baby mozzarella and prosciutto ham on a lightly toasted crostini served on a fresh rocket garnish and drizzled with balsamic glaze. 4.75

Mushrooms al Forno:
Baked mushrooms with a luscious stuffing of mozzarella and grana padano cheese, onion, garlic, chopped mushroom and breadcrumbs, served with a garlic mayo dip. 5.25

Insalata Pomodoro e Pesto (v)(n) NEW:
An elegantly simple salad in Italian colours - oven-roasted tomato, baby mozzarella and green pesto make this a fresh and tasty combination. 4.25

Filetto di Salmone all'Insalata:
Fresh Scottish salmon roasted and served hot on a bed of rocket, spinach, asparagus, avocado, green beans, red onion, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Dressed to kill with an orange and tarragon dressing. 11.65
(Subject to availability)

Insalata di Pollo e Pancetta:
There's nothing like the combo of pan-fried chicken breast and crispy pancetta, especially amongst a salad of avocado, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cos lettuce and baby spinach. A honey and mustard drizzle unifies the flavours. 9.25

King Prawn al Limone Piccante NEW:
Marinated king prawns served hot into an accumulation of mixed leaves, rocket, spinach, red onion, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Drizzled with a tasty lemon and chilli dressing and crowned with a roasted butterfly king prawn, straight from the skillet. 9.95

Chef's Salad:
Prosciutto, avocado, baby mozzarella, artichoke and egg make a charming combination, backed up by tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, peppers, red onion and mixed leaves. Seasoned with our own lemon infused oil. 9.25

Chicken Caesar Salad:
Our special ASK Caesar dressing graces a deliciously seasoned pan-fried chicken breast served on cos lettuce with grana padano cheese and freshly toasted ciabatta croutons. 8.95

Insalata Tricolore (v)(n) NEW:
A traditional salad of tomato, avocado and baby mozzarella, with added mixed leaves, rocket, red onion, spinach, red pepper, cherry tomatoes and a smattering of pine nuts. Drizzled with a pesto dressing. 8.25

Spaghetti alla Bolognese:
Simple and downright delicious. The classic tomato and minced beef bolognese sauce. 7.95

Linguine Gamberi e Rucola NEW RECIPE:
Flavoursome king prawns sautéed in caper butter, white wine and a dash of pomodoro, tossed in linguine with fresh rocket. Finished with a cheeky squeeze of lemon and garnished with lemon zest and oven-roasted tomatoes. 9.95

Penne e Pollo Pomodorini Basilico:
Perfectly marinated chicken breast rests alongside oven-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms in a tomato, garlic and fresh basil sauce. 8.95

Fusilli alla Cacciatora:
For those in favour of a little less sauce, try these pasta twists simply twirled with butter-cooked chicken breast, wild mushrooms, red chillies, fresh thyme and garlic. Finished with baby spinach. 8.75

Spaghetti Carbonara:
Smoked pancetta, pecorino and grana padano cheeses cooked in garlic and fresh parsley make up our popular version of this creamy Italian classic. 7.95

Rigatoni e Polpette NEW RECIPE:
Magnificent beef meatballs are ablaze with pasta tubes in a fiery tomato sauce, cooked with mushrooms, garlic and green chillies. 8.75

Spaghetti al Pomodoro (v):
Pasta at its purest and simplest, with freshly chopped tomatoes, torn basil and ground black pepper. We will gladly add chillies for the spicy souls - just ASK! 6.25

Penne Paesana (n):
Rustic green pesto and ridged pasta with marinated chicken and sautéed mushrooms, adorned with a crunchy crown of toasted pine nuts. 8.75

Penne del Giardino (v) NEW RECIPE:
A nourishing winter's garden of oven-roasted courgettes, peppers, green beans, peas, red onion with cherry tomatoes and baby spinach in a light tomato sauce. 8.25

Ravioli Burro e Pesce:
A delicious cocktail of crayfish, crab and smoked salmon, combined with mascarpone cheese and packed into large ravioli parcels. Graced with a crisp white wine, spring onion and dill sauce and topped with fresh rocket. 9.75

Ravioli ai Funghi e Ricotta (v):
Delightful half-moon egg pasta envelopes packed with wild mushrooms and ricotta, served in a creamy wild mushroom, thyme and white wine sauce and garnished with sautéed oyster mushrooms. 8.95

Polpette al Forno NEW RECIPE:
The ASK version of this classic Milan dish; oven-baked rigatoni pasta tubes with large beef meatballs, green chillies, fire-roasted peppers and caramelised onions in a pomodoro sauce, served with a side salad.
Find out why the Milanese are never hungry! 9.55

Penne al Pollo della Casa:
Seasoned chicken breast with mushrooms, pasta and fresh thyme are at home baked in a creamy wild mushroom and white wine sauce and served with a side salad. An old favourite! 9.45

Good things come in four layers. Like the ASK lasagne, made with egg pasta sheets, a delicate béchamel and our own special bolognese sauce. Includes grana padano cheese for extra crumbliness, and accompanied by a side salad. 9.50

Pollo Marsala NEW:
This delightful new dish features a roasted seasoned chicken supreme served with a sauce of mushroom and Marsala wine, green beans and our seasoned chips or roasted new Charlotte potatoes - whatever tickles your fancy. Just ASK! 10.95

Salmone Rustico (n) NEW:
Natural, fresh and succulent - a fillet of Scottish salmon deliciously roasted and served with butter beans, red onion, black olives, cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce, drizzled with green pesto makes for an epic rustic feast. Served with green beans and roasted new Charlotte potatoes. 11.95
(Subject to availability)

The ASK Burger (n) NEW:
Enjoy a juicy 6oz British beef burger Italian style, with beef tomato, rocket, flavoursome caramelised onions and a tasty pesto mayo all wrapped up in a toasted ciabatta bun. Served with a bowl of our seasoned chips. 9.95

Risotto Pollo e Funghi:
Tender chicken breast slices and sautéed wild mushrooms cooked in a creamy white wine sauce. Garnished with sautéed oyster mushrooms and a sprig of fresh thyme. 10.95

Risotto Frutti di Mare NEW:
A rich and majestic risotto boasting king prawns, clams, mussels and squid, creamily prepared in white wine, garlic, spring onion and tomato. 11.95

Risotto Vegetariana (v):
Succulent caramelised leeks and oven-roasted tomatoes give an excellent flavour to this vegetable risotto, along with courgettes, peas, artichoke and black olives. Made with cream and white wine. 9.25

Terrina Mediterranea (n):
Hearty casserole of chicken breast and king prawns, baked in a rich tomato sauce with butter beans, black olives, red peppers, garlic, pine nuts and raisins, with a dash of white wine and herbs. Served with our warm bread fresh from the oven and a side salad. 9.55

Ciabatta al Petto di Pollo (n) NEW:
A moist chicken breast, pan fried and placed in a toasted ciabatta with mixed leaves, beef tomatoes and a tasty pesto mayo. Served with a bowl of our seasoned chips. 9.25

Margherita (v):
For an experience of pizza purity, choose this all-time mozzarella and tomato classic. 6.25

Estiva NEW:
This intriguing pizza is baked in a traditional way with tomato and mozzarella, and then, only when it's fresh out of the oven, topped with baby mozzarella, prosciutto and a layer of fresh rocket. 8.95

For serious spice fiends - even the dough of this pizza is flavoured with red chilli flakes. With tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, fire-roasted red peppers and fresh red chillies. 8.75

A fresh egg, cooked however you like it, takes centre stage on this classic pizza, alongside fresh baby spinach, tomato, mozzarella, grana padano cheese and black olives. 8.25

Named after a volcanic island north of Sicily, this pizza boasts mozzarella and tomato, deliciously topped with pepperoni. 8.25

Juicy marinated king prawns with caramelised onions really make this adventurous pizza stand out. Tuna, anchovies, black olives, capers and fresh dill on a bed of tomato and mozzarella bring it all together. 8.95

Pollo Piccante:
Moist and succulent chicken pieces with mushrooms, fire-roasted red peppers, tomato and mozzarella. 8.95

Vegetariana (v):
A veggie smorgasbord featuring fire-roasted peppers, aubergines, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella. Not forgetting the caramelised onions for the perfect sweet balance. 7.95

The sweet and the savoury make this pizza substantially scrumptious - mozzarella, tomato, ham, mushrooms and juicy pineapple chunks. 8.25

Four Seasons:
This traditional pizza boasts an array of country toppings neatly divided into four quarters, including prosciutto, pepperoni, artichokes, mushrooms, capers and black olives. Mozzarella and tomato form the basis, fragrantly sprinkled with rosemary. 8.95
Why not ASK for an extra topping?
Meat/fish 1.20 Vegetables 80p Cheese 1.00

Calzone con Carne Piccante NEW:
Our flaming spicy meat feast calzone extraordinaire is a pizza envelope bursting with pepperoni, ham, pancetta, beef meatballs and chillies, not to mention mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, caramelised onions and served with a salad garnish to cool the fires of deliciousness. 9.55

Calzone di Pollo e Pancetta:
Juicy chicken breast slices, pancetta, sautéed leeks and mushrooms are a succulent combination with mozzarella and classic pomodoro sauce, all lovingly folded into a pizza envelope, served with a salad garnish. 8.95

Calzone con Funghi e Formaggio (n):
Crumbly goat's cheese, three types of mushroom and fresh spinach combine with pesto, mozzarella and pomodoro sauce to create a perfect filling for this folded pizza, sprinkled with grana padano cheese and served with a salad garnish. 8.75

Seasoned Chips (v)
Served with our devilish garlic mayo. 2.95

Roasted New Charlotte Potatoes (v) 2.95

Ciabatta Bread (v)
Served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 2.75

Green Beans (v) 2.45
Mixed Salad (v) 2.95

Rocket Salad
Served with shaved grana padano cheese. 2.95

Caesar Salad 3.95
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