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Eco in London sample menus


162 Clapham High Street,

Cuisine: Pizza

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Sample Menu for Eco

Mixed herb olives v 1.90
Tomato & basil bruscetta v 3.40
Chopped tomatoes, fresh basil & basil oil seved on
Avocado & rocket panzanella v 4.90
Chopped avocado, fresh chili, tomato, rocket, coriander &
parmesan on baked sourdough.
Tortellini sage & butter v 4.90
Spinach & ricotta tortellini, tossed in butter, fresh sage
& parmesan
Bagna 4.90
Pesto, anchovy ceasar and spicy tomato dips, parmesan,
balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Served with bread
Wild mushroom & tarragon 4.50
Warm wild mushrooms, fresh cream, white wine and
tarragon sauce. Served on grilled bruscetta
Spicy grilled aubergine & coriander 4.90
Grilled aubergine, green chilli, fresh coriander, puys lentils
& capers. Served on grilled bruscetta
Pancetta & poached egg bruscetta 4.95
Poached egg, pancetta & hollandaise sauce, served
with baked sourdough bruscetta
Caprese v 4.95
Baby mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil & olive oil
Duck vermicelli 5.75
Duck served with vermicelli pasta & bisque sauce.
Very tasty
Asparagus, avocado & pancetta 5.90
Grilled asparagus wrapped with pancetta, avocado
& fresh herbs

Beef Carpaccio 6.25
Served with rocket, shaved parmesan, capers
& spring onions
Antipasti Carne 6.25
Bresaola, parma ham & selection of salami, parmesan,
rocket & fresh herbs
Crabmeat & avocado 5.90
Blended crabmeat, capers, gherkins & avocado
Calamare risotto 6.25
Made with a white wine bisque sauce, topped with
grilled squid
Artichoke & Buffalo mozzarella 6.50
Asparagus, artichoke, buffalo mozzarella, beef tomato,
fresh basil & olive oil
Parma ham & figs 6.50
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, figs & fresh dill
Grilled King prawns 6.90
King prawns served with rocket leaves, spicy dressing
& garlic
Mussels - starter or main 6.50/12.50
½ kg or 1 kg of fresh mussels served with your choice
of cream, chili or tomato sauce
Garlic bread 3.50
Our classic pizza bread, olive oil, touch of
tomato, oregano & fresh garlic
Mushroom bread 3.90
Melted cheese bread 3.90
Mozzarella, dolcelatte, parmesan, garlic & olive oil
Bread basket selection 2.50
Home made breads, infused olive oil & balsamic vinegar

We offer a choice of penne or spaghetti with the
following sauces
Basil & tomato sauce v 4.20/5.90
Tomato, garlic, fresh basil & olive oil
Tricolore v 4.70/7.50
Buffalo mozzarella, chili red pesto, green basil pesto
& chervil
Spaghetti Bolognese 4.95/7.95
Beef, rich tomato sauce, red wine, fennel, garlic
& fresh herbs
Spicy chicken & zucchini 8.50
Chili, chicken and zucchini, cooked in red wine &
tomato sauce, served with basil oil
Lasagne 8.50
Beef, tomato, cream & parmesan sauce with fresh dill
& basil oil
Tortellini & basil pesto v 8.50
Tortellini filled with ricotta & spinach, basil pesto, olive oil
& parmesan
Wild mushroom & pancetta 8.90
Cep porcini mushroom & pancetta served with creamy
white wine sauce & truffle oil
Smoked salmon, prawns & dill 8.50
Smoked salmon, prawns, dill, cream & white wine sauce,
capers & spring onion
Seafood 9.90
Scallops, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, monkfish & swordfish,
cooked in white wine & garlic
Wild mushroom risotto 8.90
Porcini mushrooms, white wine, truffel oil & parmesan
& shallots
Crabmeat & squid risotto 8.90
Crabmeat, squid, capers, olives white wine & parmesan

Pizza pomodoro v 4.75
Tomato, capers, fresh basil, basil oil & oregano
Margherita v 5.90
Mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato sauce
Ham 7.50
Ham, mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
Funghi v 7.50
Mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
American hot 7.75
Spicy salami (pepperoni), mozzarella, tomato sauce,
garlic & olive oil
Napoletana 7.95
Mozzarella, anchovies, capers, olives, tomato sauce,
garlic & olive oil
Tonno 7.95
Tuna, capers, olives, onions, mozzarella, French beans,
tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil & fresh dill
Basilico di bufala 8.50
Mozzarella di bufala, fresh basil, tomato sauce, garlic
& olive oil
Capricciosa 8.50
Ham, anchovies, egg, capers, olives, mozzarella
tomato, sauce, garlic & olive oil
Quattro stagioni 8.50
Artichoke, ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies,
mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
Amore v 8.50
Roasted red pepper, green beans, artichoke, red
onions, aubergine, mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
Quattro formaggi v 8.50
Fontina, dolcelatte, bel paese, mozzarella, tomato sauce,
garlic & olive oil

Aubergine & sun-dried tomato v 8.50
Aubergines, sun-dried tomato, red pepper, olives,
mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
La dolce vita v 8.90
Rocket, mushroom, dolcelatte, mozzarella, tomato sauce,
garlic & olive oil
Spicy chicken 8.90
Chicken, spicy chili sauce, zucchini, onion, mozzarella,
tomato sauce & oregano
Piccante 8.95
Spicy salami Napoli, chorizo, pepperoni, mozzarella,
tomato sauce & garlic oil
Porcini & truffle oil 9.25
Porcini, fontina, white wine, truffle oil, mozzarella, tomato,
garlic & olive oil
Goats cheese & chive v 9.25
Goat's cheese, fresh tomato, chervil, mozzarella, chives,
tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
Fiorentina v 9.90
Spinach, egg, onion, olives, red peppers, mozzarella, tomato
sauce, garlic & olive oil
Parma 9.90
Parma ham, fresh tomato, olives, mozzarella, tomato sauce,
garlic, olive oil, & fresh herbs
Bresaola & rocket 9.90
Bresaola (cured beef), parmesan, rocket, mozzarella,
tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil
Smoked salmon & spinach 8.90
Smoked salmon, spinach, capers, mozzarella, tomato
sauce, garlic & olive oil
Marinara 9.90
King prawns, cuttlefish, mussels, squid, monkfish, swordfish,
white wine, mozzarella , lobster bisque sauce & fresh herbs

Goat's cheese & fresh tomato v 8.90
Goat's cheese, fresh tomato, fresh dill,
coriander, mozzarella, cream, garlic & olive oil
Milano rucola 8.25
Milano salami, fiore di latte mozzarella, olives,
cream, rocket, fresh dill & herbs
Smoked salmon & sour cream 8.90
Smoked salmon, sour cream, mozzarella,
capers, dill & chives
baked pizza base folded & filled with the following
fresh ingredients
Mozzarella & avocado v 7.90
Baby mozzarella, avocado, tomato, rocket,
fresh basil & homemade dressing
Parma ham & buffalo mozzarella 8.90
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, avocado,
fresh herb salad balsamic & olive oil
Grilled chicken & ham 8.90
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, avocado,
fresh herb salad balsamic & olive oil
Tradizionale 8.75
Ham, artichoke, mushroom, mozzarella, garlic & olive oil
Chicken & green chili 8.75
Chicken, green chili, roasted red pepper,
mozzarella & garlic oil
Goat's cheese & zucchini v 8.90
Goat's cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, red
pepper, sweet corn mozzarella & olive oil
Aubergine & roasted red pepper v 8.90
Aubergine, roasted red peppers, mushrooms,
dolcelatte, mozzarella & fresh herbs

Melanzane al forno v 7.90
Oven baked aubergine & tomato sauce, mozzarella,
red pepper, garlic & olive oil. served with bread
Goat's cheese & grilled vegetable 10.50
platter v
Goat's cheese, zucchini, aubergine, red pepper, fennel,
artichoke, asparagus & puy lentils
Chicken piziola 10.90
Grilled chicken served with tomato, capers, olives
& mashed potato
Buffalo chicken & parma ham 11.90
Grilled chicken, buffalo mozzarella, parma ham served
with spaghetti & rocket
Grilled prawns & chicken 13.90
Prawns wrapped with pancetta, grilled chicken, served
with spaghetti or mustard seed mash
Grilled Sirloin steak 10oz 14.90
Tender grilled steak served with spinach & new potatoes
or mash
Steak & wild mushroom 14.90
Grilled steak, wild mushroom, truffle oil, white wine &
sage sauce, served with spaghetti or mashed or
roasted potatoes
Grilled duck 14.90
Duck breast glazed with orange & plum sauce,
served with porcini risotto
Frutti di mare 14.50
Prawns, cuttlefish, mussels, squid, monkfish, swordfish,
white wine, bisque sauce. Served with mashed potato

Avocado & sun-dried tomato v 7.90
Avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion,tomato,
salad leaves & balsamic vinegar
Tricolore v 8.25
Baby mozzarella, beef tomato, avocado,olives &
fresh basil
Nicoise salad 8.90
Tuna, egg, new potatoes, french beans, anchovies,
capers & salad leaves
Spicy chicken & puy lentils 9.50
Grilled chicken breast, spicy red chilli sauce, lentils
& herb salad
Insalata vegetariana v 9.50
Roasted vegetables, artichoke, avocado, grilled
asparagus, salad leaves & balsamic dressing
Chicken cesari 9.90
Grilled chicken breast, pancetta, romaine lettuce,
croutons, anchovy sauce, capers, shaved parmesan
Asparagus & poached egg salad 10.50
Buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, poached egg, asparagus
& pancetta, served with bruschetta & salad leaves
Honey duck & polenta 11.90
Roasted duck, polenta, juicy prunes, served with spinach
leaf salad & honey dressing
Crabmeat & smoked salmon 13.50
Crabmeat, smoked salmon, avocado, salad leaves,
fresh herbs & capers
Antipasto misto 14.95
Selection of salami & cheese, parma ham, grilled
chicken, crabmeat, artichoke & avocado. Served
with gilled bruscetta

Mixed salad v 2.20/3.90
Green salad v 2.20/3.90
Tomato, onion &olive salad 3.90
& capers v
Rocket & parmesan 4.90
Rocket & tomato salad v 4.25
Tiramisu' 4.50
Raspberry Panna cotta 4.25
Baked vanilla cheesecake, 4.25
with fresh fruit
Carrot Cake 4.25
Cappuccino, caffe latte, mocha or 1.90
hot chocolate
Espresso or macchiato 1.50
Double espresso 1.90
Pot of tea (blended, earl gray, 1.80
herbal or fruit)
Cranberry juice, apple juice or freshly 2.70
squeezed orange juice
Coke, diet coke, orangina or sprite 1.95
Mineral water, still or sparkling 2.10/2.95
(500ml / 750ml)

v suitable for vegetarians. Please note: our olives have stones
in, and we use nuts in several dishes, so cannot guarantee any
product is nut-free. We do not knowingly use any genetically
modified products. Tables are usually offered to customers at 1
1/2 hour intervals; if you plan to stay longer, please arrange this
with the Restaurant Manager when booking. service is not
included, but a descretionary service charge of 12.5% will be
made for groups of 6 or more. We accept all major credit cards.
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