DMC World mixing champion returns to play at Connie's Acid House Party

The legend that is Chad Jackson is returning to his home turf for a third year running to play at Connie's Acid House Party

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Date published: 21st Apr 2017

Chad Jackson can be credited as one of the people that popularised the art of DJ mixing and remixing around the world. He was one of the first ever globally known superstar DJs.

Back in the late 80s, a flyer with his name on it meant queues outside award winning clubs like Legends in Manchester and the infamous Wigan Pier, playing the newly emerged electro funk sound, hip hop and jazz funk . Chad was one of the first British DJs to start DJ mixing in the early 80s along with his early mentor and dear friend the now legendary Greg Wilson. His regular live and recorded mixes on Manchester?s Piccadilly/Key 103 radio station had the whole of the North West of Britain with their fingers on the tape-deck record button. The original cassettes are highly prized today, with thousands of people contacting Chad?s website for copies of these famous mixes. Chad is currently working on a special remastered and reworked package of these mixes for future release.

This soon led to Chad being headhunted by Manchester?s legendary Hacienda club, when the manager at the time (Mike Pickering of M-People) asked Chad to become resident. Chad was one of the architects of the scene that followed ? introducing the clientele (including New Order, Happy Mondays, The Chemical Brothers and many who would go on to create the ?Madchester? scene) to the newly emerging house music sound and creative DJ mixing techniques. It is not widely known, but he was the first DJ at the club to play the first House music record there (possibly JM Silk ? Music Is The Key!)

While at the Hacienda he started producing remixes exclusively for use on the legendary DMC DJ-only collections ? showcasing his eclectic tastes including Kraftwerk, Grace Jones, De La Soul, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Prince, Public Enemy, Afrika Bambaata, Mantronix and Norman Cook?s Beats International and Fatboy Slim. Many of these are highly collectable today on sites such as Ebay and Discogs. Chad is currently working on special remastered and reworked packages of these legendary mixes for future release.

In 1987 he proved his mixing abilities by becoming the Technics/DMC World DJ Mixing Champion at the Royal Albert Hall in London, having secured the UK title a year before. This success led to him being one of the first globally known ?superstar? DJs to undertake a world tour, including stop-offs in New York to become the first European competitor in the Battle For World Supremacy at New York?s New Music Seminar, and many early tours and gigs including Ibiza, Russia, Japan, Brazil and the Cannes Film Festival.

By 1990 Chad?s focus had turned to studio production, with the creation of his Inner World Audio recording studio ? in which numerous productions and remixes took place, including Kirsty McColl, Mantronix, Sounds of Blackness and Deelite.

His first solo work followed and Chad Jackson?s ?Hear The Drummer Get Wicked? went straight to the top of charts around the world, No 1 in the UK Dance Charts, No.3 in the UK National Chart.

In the late 90?s when DJ mixing software / MP3 arrived, Chad saw the possibility of a long-lingering death for his beloved vinyl. Ministry of Sound also saw that possibility, and together they toured the major UK Universities, performing perhaps the first ever computer mixing demonstrations, in workshops designed to promote the arrival of digital mixing. He has been closely involved in electronic music performance and technology ever since.

This gave Chad a taste for the rewards of education, which has led to his current senior lecturing positions in Electronic Music Production, Music Information Technology, DJ Skills, Composing With Technology and Cultural Studies at many acclaimed establishments including the Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM), Ministry of Sound DJ Academy and Point Blank Music College. Many of his past students are currently having great success in many areas of the industry.

Previous original production projects include ?Energise? on Fabric Live ? Plump DJs?, Drumscape ? ?Peptide Bass? on Steve Lawlers ?Art Of The DJ?, ?Do You Do Voodoo? on Dave Seaman?s Audio Therapy, ?Get Your Boogie On? with Cut La Roc?s Rocstar label, ?Brake? and ?Rock? on the Acetate label, ?Nova Symphony? by Feedback (No 1 Update Buzz Chart) and ?Outback? with Anthony Pappa.

2005 saw a No1 Music Week Club Chart entry from Chad and old friend DJ Dave Seaman (under the Brothers In Rhythm guise), for a remix of Tears For Fears new single ?Closest Thing To Heaven?.

Chad has also produced and engineered many CD mix compilations for Dave, including The Masters Series for Renaissance, and Global Underground 39 (Lithuania).

He continues to play at many gigs and festivals around the world including No6 and Secret Garden Party and is currently finishing a re-recorded and updated new version of his classic ?Get Wicked?.